The GURU® Flag and Clip Tool allows refilling of the locomotive cooling system with cold water without tripping the GURU® plugs. The clip at the end of the cable is inserted into the slot in the GURU® valve resetting stem after warming the nose of the cartridge. When the locomotive’s cooling system is back up to temperature, the clip is easily removed and the GURU® is again armed to protect the locomotive.

The GURU® Flag is attached on the outer wall of the locomotive as a “visual aid” letting mechanics know that the GURU® plug is disarmed while performing a cold water refill of the locomotive. The flag will help prevent leaving a penny or washer in the valve stem, defeating the valve’s function and possibly resulting in freeze damage to the locomotive.

The GURU® Flag and Key tool works in conjunction with the anti-tampering valve’s domed cap. This tool allows you to insert the key into the cartridge end of the valve after warming the nose of the cartridge. The valve resetting stem is not accessible, eliminating the ability to leave a penny or washer tucked up under it.

The CHCT is used to flush out debris from the water-cooled compressor head on the locomotive. The compressor head-cleaning tool allows insertion of the cleaning nozzle into the same flanged body as the GURU® Plug Type CH or CHS. A shutoff ball valve should be installed at the inlet of the cleaning tool along with connection of the tool to a pressurized water source. The water supply shutoff valve is opened to allow the water jets of the cleaning tool to clean the compressor head.