ThermOmegaTech’s GURU® Valves are self-operating, thermostatic drain valves that protect locomotives from freeze damage which in turn protects your investment and keeps your equipment safe.

The advanced, reliable and compact self-contained GURU® valves increase uptime on locomotives by preventing water lines from freezing before any damage can occur.

The GURU® DL2.1 and Magnum locomotive valves are water-sensing, self-operating thermostatic drain valves that respond to engine coolant temperature. When the locomotive is shut down and cooling water reaches the temperature set point of the valve, the plug will snap open draining the locomotive cooling system before any freeze damage occurs.

The Magnum GURU® Plug is capable of providing a higher discharge capacity than the standard GURU® Plug.  With an almost 1.2 inch bore, the Magnum GURU® drains twice as fast as the standard GURU® Plug, guaranteeing rapid drainage of the locomotive.

Resetting and rearming any of the GURU® Plugs is easily accomplished by simply reheating the cartridge and utilizing one of our GURU® Flag and Clip tools. These tools allow you to fill a locomotive cooling system with cold water that would otherwise trip the GURU® Plug open.

ThermOmegaTech® also offers a system flushing attachment, CHCT. The compressor head-cleaning tool allows insertion of the cleaning nozzle into the same flanged body as the GURU® Plug Type CH or CHS to flush the system and clean out any dirt or contaminants.

GURU® Plug UTEX Recommendations

We recommend changing the GURU® Plug every 18 months, but no longer than a 2-year time-frame. The characteristic tendency of the GURU® Plug actuator is to lose some small amount of stroke as it ages beyond one year. This causes the release temperature to creep upward, as well as the manual reset temperature. While this is a “safe” tendency as far as freeze protection, eventually the upward creep can cause nuisance dumping.

To balance the need for freeze protection at the right temperature without nuisance dumping, the cost of maintenance, and the risk/cost of locomotive freeze damage, we believe that all GURU® Plugs should be serviced/rebuilt within the 2-year maintenance cycle.