Locomotive freeze protection is an essential element of many rail operator’s maintenance plans each year. During frigid winter months, a diesel locomotive’s cooling system is at risk of freezing during periods when the locomotive’s engine is turned off. If the cooling water freezes, it can cause the system lines to crack due to fluid coolant expanding as it turns to ice which can result in expansive damage to the locomotive, lengthy repairs, and interrupted schedules.

Typically, there are 2 ways to prevent a freeze up from taking place; Keep the locomotives engine running at all times or install a locomotive freeze protection valve. Leaving the engine running guarantees the water-cooling system won’t freeze but leads to wasted fuel and increased air pollution.

The more efficient option is to install a freeze protection valve into the locomotives cooling system to drain the system if the engine coolant temperature drops close to freezing. Relying on an electric source to operate the valve can result in freeze damage if the electricity fails therefore the ideal solution is to install a thermostatically controlled freeze protection valve like the GURU Plug. These snap-acting valves automatically monitor the water temperature and snap open to quickly drain the system providing the ultimate freeze protection for water cooling systems in diesel locomotives.

The GURU® DL2.1 and Magnum locomotive valves are water-sensing, self-operating thermostatic drain valves that respond to engine coolant temperature. Installed at the lowest point in the coolant system, when the water temperature falls to the GURU’s set-point, the plug snaps open and drains the system before freeze damage can occur. The Plugs can be rearmed and reset when you’re ready to refill the locomotive and return it to service.

The Magnum GURU® Plug is capable of providing a higher discharge capacity than the standard GURU® Plug. With an almost 1.2-inch bore, the Magnum GURU® drains twice as fast as the standard GURU® Plug, guaranteeing rapid drainage of the locomotive.

The GURU® DL2.1 CH and CHS Plugs are automatic drain valves used for water-cooled air compressor head freeze protection. They have almost a full one inch bore to rapidly drain the compressor before damage can occur.

Resetting and rearming any of the GURU® Plugs is easily accomplished by simply reheating the cartridge and utilizing our GURU® Flag and Clip or GURU® Flag and Key tool. These tools allow you to fill a locomotive cooling system with cold water that would otherwise trip the GURU® Plug open.

ThermOmegaTech® also offers a system flushing attachment, CHCT. The compressor head-cleaning tool allows insertion of the cleaning nozzle into the same flanged body as the GURU® Plug Type CH or CHS to flush the system and clean out any dirt or contaminants.

The GURU® Plug is trusted as the railroad industry standard for freeze protection in North America and protects millions of dollars in investments each year.

GURU® Plug Rebuild Program

GURU® Plugs  are recommended to be replaced every 18-24 months. ThermOmegaTech® offers a rebuild program which allows you to return your old GURU® Plugs to be rebuilt so you essentially get back a brand-new valve! To learn more, visit our Rebuild Program page.