Emergency Drench System - On Demand Tepid Water When You Need it

The industrial market has seen a push for increased safety standards and improved working conditions from national and local organizations alike in recent years. For facilities where hazardous chemicals are handled, an emergency drench system is a vital piece of safety equipment. The Therm-O-Mix® station consistently supplies tepid water on demand to these fixtures to meet OSHA and ANSI Z358.1 safety requirements.

The Therm-O-Mix® Station is an instantaneous steam-fired water heater that uses only a facility’s existing steam and water supplies to  deliver and maintain 80°F water to emergency safety showers and eyewash stations. The unit is completely mechanical and requires no source of electricity to function, making it particularly ideal for explosion-proof industrial environments.


• Self-Actuating – requires no electric
• Uses existing plant steam and water supply
• Maintains constant 80°F output
• Easy to retrofit on existing shower/eyewash stations
• No complex recirculation systems required
• Self-purging-no need for elaborate drainage system

We also offer the Therm-O-Mix® WWM which provides a reliable source of tepid water for a safety shower and face/eyewash system using existing hot and cold water supply when steam lines are not readily available, the ESS emergency safety shower water heater which delivers tepid water to an emergency drench system, and freeze and scald protection valves.

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