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Instrument and Analyzer Systems

With any kind of instrumentation, optimal performance is achieved when it is running at a specified temperature. Our selection of valves offers a reliable, economical alternative to costly, hazardous electric heating. Our self-contained compact thermostatic control valves sense enclosure temperature and automatically regulate the flow of steam or glycol to maintain the temperature. Regardless of […]

TV/US-X Steam Tracing Control Valve (with Tube Fittings)

Operation The self-actuating, thermostatic TV/US-X (Tube Fitting/Ultra Surface Sensing) sample cooler control valve operates the same as the US/S-X valve where the sensing end is either immersed in the process fluid or mounted non-invasively via a hose clamp on the outside of the pipeline. The two differences are that the heating media is connected with […]

US/S-X Steam Tracing Control Valve

Operation The thermostatic actuator located at the one end of the US/S-X (Ultra Surface Sensing) temperature control valve may be installed immersed in the process fluid or mounted non-invasively to the pipeline with the optional band-o-let fitting. This ultra sense control valve allows the wax actuator to be in contact with the process directly or […]

TV/SC-I Instrument & Analyzer Enclosure Temperature Control Valve

Operation The TV/SC-I (Tube Valve/Steam Control Instrument Enclosure) valve is installed into the wall of the enclosure so that the thermal actuator end is inside to sense the ambient temperature. The thermostatic wax actuator regulates the steam supply to the heater to accurately maintain the desired temperature, operating like a thermostat in an oven. Heat radiating […]

ECONO/HAT-RA Pump Thermal Relief Valve

Operation As the fluid temperature increases to within the operating range of the ECONO/HAT-RA, the valve’s internal thermal actuator modulates it open to discharge the over-temperature fluid. If the temperature exceeds the acceptable range, the thermal relief valve will continue to modulate open, allowing additional fluid discharge. As the outlet temperature falls, the thermal safety valve […]

HAT/RA-HP High Pressure Thermal Relief Valve

Operation The self-operating HAT/RA-HP (Heat Actuated Trap/Reverse Acting – High Pressure) Thermostatic Thermal Relief Valve is installed onto the pump to monitor the fluid temperature. If the fluid temperature increases to within the operating range of the HAT/RA-HP, the thermal actuator will modulate the valve open to discharge the over-temperature fluid. As the outlet temperature […]

TV/HAT-RA Cooling Fluid Control Valve (with Tube Fittings)

Operation The TV/HAT-RA (reverse acting, heat actuated trap valve with tube fittings) is a thermal relief valve that should be installed as close to the pump casing as possible to automatically and continuously control the cooling media within the system to maintain the desired temperature. Since it is what we classify as reverse-acting, the valve […]

HAT/RA Cooling Fluid Control Valve

Operation The HAT/RA (reverse-acting heat actuated trap valve) is designed to monitor, control, and regulate flow, utilizing a temperature control actuator to constantly sense in-line fluid temperature. Since it is what we classify as reverse-acting, the thermal valve will open on rising temperatures. As the fluid temperature increases to within the operating range of the […]

HAT Fluid Temperature Control Valve

Operation A thermal wax actuator mechanically operates ThermOmegaTech’s self-operating HAT (heat actuated trap) valve. This thermostatic actuator senses the fluid temperature and will modulate the valve open to initiate flow if the temperature falls below the valve’s set point. Once the fluid temperature increases back to the set-point, the valve will modulate closed to control […]


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ThermOmegaTech® has over three decades of experience in designing and manufacturing valves for freeze and scald protection, mixing and diverting, steam traps, ambient temperature control, surface sensing applications, and custom-designed valves. The company’s valves protect billions of dollars of rail equipment each year. They can also be found in hotels and condominiums, commercial dishwashers, boiler […]

Products: Temperature Control Valves (TCV)

Thermostatic Technology Thermal actuators convert a temperature change into mechanical motion. The phase-change technology utilized in our thermal control valves has been used dating back to the early 1900s, to change phase from solid-to-liquid, on increasing temperature, and from liquid-to-solid, on decreasing temperature to produce a usable stroke. The unique quality of paraffin wax, which […]